Services Offered by Hafan Saff

Structured & Measurable Services

Staff will work with individual children’s & young people's comprehensive care / pathway plans. These will be regularly monitored and reviewed to promote positive outcomes.

The children for whom we care have experienced a range of difficulties including:

  • Family / relationship breakdown
  • Chaotic home environments
  • Physical abuse
  • Placement breakdown
  • Educational difficulties
  • Social integration difficulties
  • Relatively minor delinquency

The care that we can offer will take different forms depending on the child's age and specific needs. The main examples are:
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Medium to Long Term Care
We offer medium and or long-term care and stability children & young people with a wide range of complex needs.
16+ / Transitional
A vital part of our work is to assist older children make a successful transition to young adulthood. Historically, structured care has to often stopped abruptly at the age of 16 and the child or young person becomes an isolated young adult virtually overnight and is unprepared and therefore unable to cope with their new circumstances. Our transitional programs assist older children to become more self-sufficient by giving a semi-independent life within care in order to develop life management skills before leaving. This process is often started within the home in which they live and continued in our independent Leaving Care Project.
Education is an area where many of our children have experienced difficulties and frustration. Where requested by a placing authority, and with their support we are able to develop by utilising the skills of specially trained teachers, an appropriate educational path - often on a 1-1 basis - which leaves children enthusiastic about learning.
Special Activities
We aim to offer children opportunities that challenge, inspire and educate. These activities can take many forms including outdoor, team-oriented pursuits, cultural events, practical exposure to a variety of career possibilities, multi-cultural learning and more. The aim is to allow children to enjoy happy, healthy and valued lives.
For children where fostering is deemed more appropriate, we specialise in making the transition a smooth and positive one
Same Day Placements
Wherever possible we will accept emergency and bridging placements.
Bespoke / Specialist Services
Tailored services can be provided in line with each child’s individual care plan.